cesarArcem Food Products has started with my own search for cure for arthritis. It is a painful disease, and so many foods you can’t eat. You can easily buy over-the-counter medicines, but I’m too wary of side effects. Therefore, I have done my own research in UP Los Baños, with the Bureau of Plants of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and been able to create formula from herbs as remedy for my arthritis. From then on, I have discovered many herbal wonders that can prevent human diseases.

After barely a year and starting with only five employees, comprising of a food technologist and four production help, Arcem Food Products has established a small plant in Ibaan, and successfully introduced a line of health products consisting of “5 in 1 Coffee: Malunggay & Taheebo Plus,” “8 in 1 Herbs Plus (Classic, Decaf, Light),” “Malunggay Juice,” “Malunggay Tea,” “Malunggay & Turmeric Plus Tea,” “Turmeric & Herbs Plus Tea,” “Malunggay Powder,” “Turmeric Powder,” “Carrot Juice,” and “Carrot Malunggay Noodles.”

I am my own “guinea pig” for these products, so it has become a practice for me to drink “5 in 1 coffee” in the morning and “turmeric tea” after meal. With my arthritis totally cured, I have gained greater energy for all my activities as a public servant, businessman and family man.

The first year has seen Arcem Food Products featured on TV, aired on Radio, and showcased in major food exhibitions in the national and grand scale, which has never happened before to any company in Ibaan. We have pursued excellence from the very start and always see to it that we follow Good Manufacturing Practices. Thus, our efforts have been rewarded with the granting of Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) license, which attests to our commitment to produce nutritious, healthy, no-preservative, and chemical-free food products for our health conscious consumers.

To continue in its vision to give you safer food alternatives that come from plants, vegetables and fruits, Arcem Food Products has developed the “Turmeric Guyabano Tea”, which helps prevent cancer and protect the immune system. Guyabano has been found to effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancers.

Because I am also officially involved in the development of my town, first as its councilor and more recently, as chief of Barangay Palindan, I have encouraged my constituents to grow a variety of local herbal plants, like malunggay, balbas pusa, luyang dilaw, salay, sambong, oregano and guyabano. Since then, they have become our major partners in this venture. Not only have I found the cure for my own ailment, I have also found the means to transform people’s lives.


Cesar P. Marasigan
Arcem Food Products